Family Support


I was thinking a lot on one of the most important things in life family. Every family is different and they have their ups and downs they have to be there for each other. My family is not perfect but from experience I can say they have been there for me. In 2012 I relocated from were I lived all my life Puerto Rico to live in Florida. Thanks to family I stayed with my sister until I could get on feet again. I live a hectic life and sometimes I don’t dedicate the time to my family as I now they deserve. But I am working on this I am trying to spend more time with them and plan fun trips so the kids can have fun. Family is the base of everything we do all we can for our family including hard sacrifices. When it comes to a solid family it’s all communication. If we don’t have this there is going to be problems. And problems can come from all sides it could be your side or your spouses side. But the problem will affect us all, miscommunication can leed to misunderstanding’s and that can leed to becoming one of those family’s that have a decade without talking to each other.


These are all must have qualities for a family to be united. So lets all stop and think of this for a minute. Are we dedicating enough time to our family? Do we have all the qualities for our family to be united? What can I improve for the well-being of my family?

Thank you



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